About Us


Children are eager, spontaneous learners curious about the world around them. And you, the parent, are your child's first teacher. At your knee your child spoke his or her first word, took the first step, heard the first story. Skills Learning Center, a Poway  Preschool, is an extension of the education you have begun at home. At Skills Learning Center, we view montessori education as an aid and process in life. Our role is to preserve and nurture your child's natural curiosity and to develop an openness to the limitless possibilities of life.

We believe that children learn best when they are actively involved in the learning process. Children not only learn, but thrive in an environment that is specially prepared to meet their physical, cognitive and social needs, and satisfy their intrinsic interests. Our advanced curriculum is designed for ages 2-18 and offers students freedom of choice in a dynamic, energized classroom where learning is tangible. Extending curriculum for ages 18+ or college prep courses are provided with our advanced tutoring program.

Skills Learning Center, located in Poway California, was founded by two passionate educators dedicated to providing a progressive and advanced education for their children. Nearly 500 students have attended the PreSchool, Kindergarten, Elementary, Tutoring and Summer curriculum classes since its inception. Graduates of Skills are represented at both private and public education in the Poway and San Diego area. Watch your child learn and grow at Skills Learning Center.

  • 1:8 Child Ratio

  • Individual Customized Curriculum designed for each child

  • Private education standards are met and exceeded

  • Teaching pace is based on child's individual skill level and learning ability

  • Saturday education is available to children who currently attend public and state schools